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Mental Health Matters: Finding Acceptance Through Mindfulness

Finding Acceptance Through Mindfulness Whether you think you can, or think you can’t–you’re right. –Henry Ford How do you cope with stressful or troublesome situations? Some may face it head on, solving the problem, thus making the unpleasant feeling subside. Others may avoid the problem, constantly pushing it aside and hoping it will disappear. We

Mental Health Matters: TIME

TIME Jon Williams, MA Clinical Supervision Specialist Time is a paradox. Time is a great thief, as it robs us of our youth with every moment that passes. Conversely, time gives us a foundation for everything that we experience. In the “hard” sciences such as math, chemistry, biology, and physics, time is accounted as an

Mental Health Matters: Reducing Burnout in the Mental Health Field

Reducing Burnout in the Mental Health Field  Andrea Beaulieu, MSW, RCSWI Social Services Supervisor What is burnout? Many people in the mental health field talk about having “burnout”, or other people being “burned out”, but there is rarely a lot of time spent defining the causes and cures. Burnout can actually be a normal response


STRESSING MENTAL HEALTH Stress is a fact of life. Everyone experiences it, and no one handles it perfectly every time. But the causes, and consequences, of stress are more complicated than most people realize. This month, the Health Council of the United Way of the Big Bend is presenting a forum on stress and healthy

Mental Health Matters: Rural Mental Health and ACI’s Efforts to Serve

Rural Mental Health and ACI’s Efforts to Serve By James Kwasneski, MSW Case Manager Supervisor Gadsden County Outpatient   The provision of outpatient services to rural populations is a significant challenge and area of opportunity for Apalachee Center. Since the passage of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA), federal funds have been allocated

Mental Health Matters: Prescription Drug Abuse

Mental Health Matters: Prescription Drug Abuse by Ludmila De Faria, Chief Medical Officer, Apalachee Center   Over the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the abuse of prescribed medications. The New York Times published an article discussing “The Traps of Treating Pain” and the president of the Center for Disease

Apalachee Center Announces John Convertino Award Winner

Apalachee Center Announces John Convertino Award Winner TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –  The Governing Board of Directors of Apalachee Center presents the 1st Annual John Convertino Award of Excellence to Patricia Convertino. Ms. Convertino began her career at Apalachee Center in 1989, as a counselor in Evaluation & Admissions. Throughout her 24 year career at Apalachee, she

Video Interview: Jay Reeve of Apalachee Center announces the opening of Capital Therapy

Dr. Jay Reeve, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Apalachee Center, shares about the newest addition to the Apalachee Center Inc., Capital Therapy. ### Jay Reeve, PhD, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Apalachee Center, Inc., a large community mental health center in Tallahassee, Florida, serving approximately 6,000 clients annually. Dr. Reeve holds

Mental Health Matters: Helping Each Other to Help Ourselves by Jay Reeve at Apalachee Center

People have the innate desire to feel purposeful and productive. One way that many people feel like they have purpose is through working or volunteering. Feeling like one is giving back to the community or contributing to society can help keep the body and mind active and create a feeling of well-being. There is a

Jay Reeve of Apalachee Center speaks about the opening of Capital Therapy in Tallahassee

Welcome to Mental Health Matters, a regular column in the Tallahassee Grapevine that features stories and tips on issues relating to mental health, from the staff of Apalachee Center. This week, I’m very excited to be using this space for something a little different. I want to let you know about a new place to get

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